Friday, December 12, 2014

Quick Questions

These questions could be asked or put together on cards or a worksheet to be answered in writing. It’s all about asking the write questions. I have been teaching long enough to know if I ask what do you know about Edgar Degas? Someone will surely raise their hand and say” he’s an artist”. Yep, you’re right (It’s kind of like asking “how was your day at school and expecting an answer other than good) now moving on to better questions...

Artist Questions:

If the artist we’re to walk in the room right now, what would you want to ask them about this artwork?
How is this work similar/ different from other works you have seen by this artist?
What can you learn about the artist from this work of art?
If the artist invited you to help with the painting, what suggestions would you make?

Historically Thinking: (Many questions adapted from questions compliments of Dr. Marilyn  Stewart)

When do you think this artwork was created, why?
Where in the world do you think this might have been made?
How was life different then from now?
How might this painting be different if it were painted in the United States?
What do you think this work would have meant to the people who lived at the time it was made?
How is this different from how we view the work today?

Critically looking:

What are the physical characteristics of the art?
What cultural traditions are depicted?
What might this artwork be about?

Higher Order Thinking as Encouraged by the Common  Core:

How would you rank the importance of these artworks?
How would you improve this artwork?
How is this artwork connected to ____________?

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